Kwik Lok Stamps and Holders

Kwik Lok Stamps

Embree Industries Inc. manufactures Steel Stamps for the Kwik Lok Bag Closure Systems which are found in the bakery and produce industries. Our Kwik Lok stamps are made out of high-grade tool steel (A2 Steel) and are heat treated to 58-59 Rc.. Because of these specifications, these our Kwik Steel Stamp are durable and high quality which will attribute to long life cycles in your Bag Closure production system. In Addition, Biro Engraving Inc. manufactures custom holders for your Kwik Lok Bag Closure Systems. These can be made to standard specifications or to customers design. Please contact us with any questions about our Kwik Lok Stamps or forward us your design specs where we can design a Steel Stamp and Custom Holder system for your Kwik Lok Bag Closure machine.

All industrial marking products are manufactured using high-grade A2 Steel – 61-62 Rc. material for longer-lasting stamps. Please contact us if you are interested in manufacturing industrial marking products with other types of material, such as D2 or M2 steel.