Embree Industries has a proud heritage of innovation, precision quality standards and community involvement.

History of Embree Industries


Herbert Embree founded Embree Tool Manufacturing Company in 1913. The main focus of the company was designing and manufacturing equipment and products, such as paperclips and machinery for the wire baling of pulp for the worldwide marketplace.


Herbert develops and patents a machine for broaching machine tools – a major invention for knitting mills. With each invention the business grows larger.


Herbert’s son Harold joins the company. Harold like his father has a strong technical and engineering side and they continue to develop and design new machinery.


The 1940’s brought a plant expansion and a diversification of the product line into marking products and rubber stamps. The company was renamed Embree Industries Limited in 1947.


Expansion of the company and several acquisitions such as the Hamilton Stamp and Stencil Company facilitated the growth of Embree Industries Limited.


Harold’s son Norman joins the company, and under his leadership the company continues to move forward. The introduction of the Unstucker Traction Device marks this time. Norman, like his father continues to be active in the Hamilton Community.


Harold continues his community service by serving on the Board of Directors of several organizations and working with Junior Achievement and the Rotary Club. Embree purchases its first NC Mill and makes a strong move into the Machining Industry.


Embree purchases it’s first CNC Mill and the 1st twin turret double chuck lathe in Ontario. As the company expands, Embree continues to hire. Many of the people hired during these years are still with the Company today.


Embree’s dedication to providing quality parts and exceptional service is proven when they received their ISO registration in 1992. This is a relatively new undertaking for this Industry.


Purchase of General Screw Machine Products (GSMP) in February 2004. The addition of 3 CNC’s and 11 Single Spindle Screw Machines along with a loyal customer base allowed us to expand both our machining capabilities and our customer base.

Purchase of an engraving company called ART Industries in January 2006.

Purchase of Matthew’s Canada Stamping division in January 2007. The additional new tooling and equipment increased our ability to offer more Product Identification Solutions and alternatives to both existing Embree and Matthew’s customers. New specialized products such as blank or printed paper covered steel tags, a larger variety of tag shapes and the traditional notary seal press.


Embree Celebrates our 100’th Anniversary in 2013 !

Embree Industries Limited is a leader in the machining and marking industries with up to 1000 clients across North America. We look forward to continuing to grow and expand and better service you – our customer!