Utilities and communication companies use pole tags to visibly mark utility poles. These tags are provided in aluminium which resists weathering and makes the embossed letters highly legible. The one-piece construction will not separate or crack in extreme temperatures.

Uses For Engraving

Legend Plates/Panels



Name Badges (magnet or pin back)

Schematic plates

Way-finding Signs

Custom Engraved Signs

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Wall & Desk holders are available for nameplates in an office environment.

All holders are highly polished and anodized Bright Rose Gold, Bright Silver or Matte Black.

Custom colours are available by special order – Bronze, Satin Silver, Bright Yellow Gold.

Standard lengths 2” – 12”, custom lengths are available

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving produces a high permanent mark on specially designed laserable materials. This method of
engraving is commonly used for identifying precision machined parts as it does not change the tolerance of
the part marked.


Metals, plastic, glass, wood and novel metal alloys.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving produces 3-dimensional dies and signs using a wide variety of materials.


Metals, plastic, glass, wood and novel metal alloys.

Diamond Engraving

This style of engraving uses the actual tip of a diamond tool to engrave a message into the material and scribes fine lines as characters are formed.


Brass, aluminium, decorative glass, plaques