Product Identification

Standard Identification Tags Notch Tags 

Fastening Tags



Tags and Nameplates

  Product Identification- Dowload Tags and Nameplates Catalog

Standard Tags

  • Valve Tags
  • Property Tags
  • Check Tags
  • Water/Gas Tags
  • Cremation Tags / disks (cremation processing blades)
  • Municipal Cat & Dog Pet Licences / Rabies Tags       

Light Gauge Embossed Tags/ Equipment Tags/Asset tags

Nick & Notch Tags 

Printed Tags, Paper Covered Electrogalvanized Tags,

Bare Electrogalvanized, Enamel Coated

Embossed Pole Tags used to identify light standards and utility poles or identify equipment and machinery

Licence Plates/ Municipal License plates for Taxi, Tow Truck, Limousine, Refreshment Vehicle, Vendor, Driving School, Commercial licenses …

Banding Tags are metal straps for tying, bundling and fastening products difficult to package or for marking cables and valves

Custom Nameplates , Anodized Aluminum Nameplates,

Etched & Filled Nameplates

Fastening Devices & Accessories

  • Tagging Wire (stainless steel)
  • Lead Seals
  • Lead Seal Press
  • “O” Rings, Split Key Rings, “S” Hooks, Jack Links,
  • Spring Sleeve Check Rings
  • Ball Chain/Connectors
  • Security Seals/Car Seals
  • Metal Packing Slip Holders





Product Identification- Engraving Catalog

Laser Engraving metals, plastic, lamacoids, glass, wood and novel metal alloys, brass

Rotary Engraving metals, plastic, glass, wood and novel metal alloys.

Diamond Drag brass, aluminum, decorative glass, plaques

Common Items:

  • Legend Plates/Panels
  • Pictograms
  • Nameplates
  • Name Badges (magnet or  pin back)
  • Schematic plates
  • Way-finding Signs
  • Custom Engraved Signs
  • Wall & Desk holders are available for nameplates in an office environment.


  Hand Stamps for product marking

stamps heads

Low Stress Stamps/ Dot Stamps




Stamps and Holders

 Product Identification- Stamps and Holders Catalog

Standard Hand Stamps (in letters and figure sets)
Available in REVERSE for mould work.  

Custom Hand Stamps:  
Example:   CSA logo, company logo, welder’s stamp . .

Security Style Hand Stamps

Lowstress Hand stamps (round face or dotted style)

Priority Grip Holders

Multi- Line Holder/ Custom made holdersStamp Holders

Steel Type:
Interchangeable Steel Type
Flat Type
Segmental Type

Type Holders:
Standard Holders
Machine Holders
Rotary Holders
Retainers & Backing Plates

Custom Engraved Dies         

Dies For Embossing/Debossing (male/ female)

Roll Dies for Indenting on roll marking machines, screw machines, CNC lathes or “tool post” holders

Press Dies For Indenting

Branding Dies and Electric Branding Irons to mark woods, plastics, rubbers and other non-ferrous products

Numbering Units

Manual Hand Held Units
Automatic Numbering Head

Custom Packaging Type/ type bodies for cartoners, sealers, fillers and imprinters.
Custom designed holders are for your code dates are also available.



Custom Stencils

Stencils & Presses

Dowload Stencil Catalog


Brass Interlocking Stencils

Safety & Parking Lot Stencils

Custom StencilsSeal Press

Traditional No.1 Corporate Seal Press               

  • Notaries
  • Corporations
  • Law Offices
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Government Officials
  • Land Surveyors
  • Courts
  • Photographers